Zeolite-Type Crystal Structures and their Chemistry. 41 New by R. X. Fischer, W. H. Baur

By R. X. Fischer, W. H. Baur

Zeolites and zeolite-like fabrics grew to become vital due to their ion trade capacities and their amazing catalytic homes. thousands of a whole bunch zeolites were produced long ago years for the oil refining on my own and, in even better amounts, as ion-exchanging softening brokers for detergents. various different purposes, e.g., in environmental defense, farming, fuel separation, medication, and pharmacy, are recognized, making zeolites virtually a need for lifestyle. for this reason, there are numerous examine actions facing zeolite houses and characterization. although, a strictly systematic description of zeolite-type crystal buildings was once no longer to be had yet is now provided during this sequence of volumes. it's designed as a reference paintings for zeolite chemists and fabrics scientists, however it additionally serves as a device to interpret structural similarities and to derive new constructions from recognized topologies.

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