Weather Radar Networking: Seminar on COST Project 73 by Mr. Alberto Masprone (auth.), C. G. Collier, M. Chapuis

By Mr. Alberto Masprone (auth.), C. G. Collier, M. Chapuis (eds.)

Meteorology is via nature a multidisciplinary and transnational topic and price cooperation has proved to be a versatile and compatible framework at eu point for meteorological actions similar to the standardisation of statement strategies and harmonised transmission of meteorological info. even though meteorology isn't really coated by means of a particular neighborhood programme as such, numerous group activities facing meteorology at the moment are integrated within the EEC examine programme on climatology (the "EPOCH" programme - 1989-92) of mechanisms of maximum and surprising bearing on relatively the research meteorological occasions, in an effort to are expecting catastrophies and for that reason to lessen human and fabric losses. within the context of expense cooperation, that is supported by way of the fee of the eu groups, the associated fee seventy three undertaking (1986-1991) affiliates sixteen nations in Western Europe with the purpose of developing a climate radar community supplying real-time measurements of rain, snow or hail precipitations. during this venture, radar facts are transmitted and mixed if acceptable with satellite tv for pc information - in a single or extra "compositing centres" of the partaking international locations, so as to increase climate forecasting. including the price seventy three administration Committee, the fee of the eu groups prepared a seminar in this topic, in Brussels on 5-8 September 1989, on the half-way degree of the project.

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5 em. 1° beamwidth) which are operated only when significant weather is expected to occur. Most of the network radars are now 30 years old. and spare parts and maintenance costs became a growing concern during the mid1970's. Sirmans and his colleagues at NSSL (8) did a study for the NWS on the feasibility of Doppler conversion of existing radars; however. they concluded that the extensive engineering changes and additional hardware and software development costs added to existing radars would not result in Doppler radars with acceptable Doppler performance.

Combined Shear Combined Shear Contour Echo Tops** Echo Tops Contour** - 31 - 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. Composite Reflectivity Composite Reflectivity Contour Layer Composite Reflectivity Layer Turbulence Hail Index* Mesocyclone* Tornadic Vortex Signature (TVS) Storm Structure* Storm Tracking Information* Weak Echo Region ("stacked reflectivity plates")* Velocity Azimuth Display Winds* Velocity Aximuth Display Plot* Combined Moment Storm Relative Velocity* Severe Weather Analysis Display* Severe Weather Probability** Vertically Integrated Liquid (VIL)** 1 HR Precipitation Accumulation** 3 HR Precipitation Accumulation** Storm Total Precipitation Accumulation** Cross Section Alphanumeric Products 29.

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