Under the Weather: How Weather and Climate Affect Our Health by Pat Thomas

By Pat Thomas

An exciting and fact-filled examine the hyperlinks among health and wellbeing and weather, this booklet information either non permanent signs and life-threatening stipulations that may be irritated through the elements. It explains tips on how to be shielded from the extremes of climate in addition to easy methods to ease weather-related indicators. Startling weather-related observations contain proof that the onset of work is extra universal whilst barometric strain is falling; migraines should be made a lot worse via chilly and winds; deaths from center disorder are extra universal on days whilst there are blustery winds bringing changeable temperatures; alterations in humidity could cause scar tissue to pain; and sufferers with noninherited varieties of schizophrenia are two times as more likely to were born in severe climatic conditions as people with the inherited type of the affliction.

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The sun is responsible for our earthbound cycles of light and darkness. Its light-cues trigger the release of the neurotransmitters melatonin (at night) and serotonin (during the day). In combination with the earth’s orbit and rotation, the sun is also responsible for the rise and fall of seasonal diseases that depend on changing temperature, the degree of precipitation and the length of the day. But the sun is also a source of high frequency energy waves – usually related to the appearance of what are called ‘sunspots’ and their resulting solar flares.

For example, in the absence of sufficient environmental light the sleep–wake and associated rest–activity 28 of seasons and cycles rhythms may lengthen to a cycle of between 30 and 48 hours, while the temperature rhythm may remain at a period of, say, 25 hours. This desynchronisation can lead to health problems such as hormonal imbalances, sleep disorders and mood disturbances. Circadian rhythms Rhythms that show cyclic changes on a daily (or less) basis are known as circadian rhythms. This cycle moves to an approximately 24-hour rhythm and is probably the best known of the natural cycles.

34 36 of seasons and cycles But wider investigation into human cycles show that this isn’t necessarily so; a range of common diseases still follow strong seasonal patterns. Many of these are triggered by an inability to adapt to sudden changes of weather. However, they can also be triggered by cyclical changes in our bodies that link into other equally powerful zeitgebers. 36 Several studies of human biochemistry and physiology have uncovered measurable seasonal changes in a number of bodily functions.

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