Tom Swift and His Sky Wheel (Org. Tom Swift and his Outpost by Victor Appleton II

By Victor Appleton II

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Well, here's hoping," he muttered to Bud. "If this test-" He was interrupted by a voice shouting his name. "Tom! " The boys whirled around to see George Billing beckoning to them from the control room, an excited look on his face. Billing was the chief radioman on Fearing Island, and was in charge of the radar-tracking crew at the moment. "What's up, George? " Tom demanded as he and Bud made a dash to investigate. "Nothing to do with the rocket. It's the oscilloscope! " Billing referred to the mysterious beings from another planet who had been communicating with the Swifts by mathematical symbols.

I do remember something. He was flirting with a girl and mentioned his name. ' " Tom excused himself and went to the videophone. He asked the operator to signal the Key West station, then waited until Kane's picture appeared on the screen. Tom relayed the information given him by Horton and requested Kane to pass it along to the police. "Have them get in touch with me the minute they turn up any lead," he added before signing off. " When Tom rejoined Chow and Horton, the cook wanted to know whether these developments might cause Tom to change his mind about leaving the plant at five o'clock.

He handed over the solar battery, which he had brought back in the heliplane. Uncle Ned examined it with interest. " "You be the judge, Uncle Ned," Tom said, brimming with confidence. "A battery one-tenth the size of this will provide enough energy to run an automobile for the life of the car. " Mr. Newton said, as Tom continued: "But that's not all. These solar batteries will find particular application wherever the weight factor is all-important, as in aircraft and rocketry. And how about pocket-sized arc welders and dentists' drills?

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