This Earth of Ours by Laeeq Futehally

By Laeeq Futehally

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This choice of literature makes an attempt to collect some of the vintage works that experience stood the attempt of time and supply them at a discounted, reasonable rate, in an enticing quantity in order that every body can take pleasure in them.

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Small animals like squirrels and hare would move in. Your little one kilometre piece of land would become a dense, healthy forest. It would be cooler and moister inside it than outside. And the plot would be continuously changing and growing as each animal and plant affected other animals and plants, sometimes for the better, sometimes for worse. There would be a moving, shifting relationship between everything in your little forest; ·each thing would help to control others and would in tum be controlled by others.

Net'm A close associate of the pipal is the neem. I call it an associate because the two trees are often planted together, especially near temples and places 'of worship. If the pipal is supposed to be spiritually benefidal to man, the neem is believed to be physically beneficial. People use the leaves, seeds, wood, bark, berries, and green twigs for various medidnal and hygienic purposes. Indeed, even the shade of a neem is supposed to be cooler and more soothing than the shade of other trees.

Loss of the shoe, the horse was lost; for the loss of the horse, the General was lost; for the loss of the General, the battle was lost. " In nature, too, the chain of events is long and complicated. And the fact, which we sometimes forget, is that we humans are also a part of nature. We might live in tall cement buildings, we might travel in cars and aeroplanes, we might wear nylon clothes and use computers, but we cannot live without food, water and air. And if we do not get enough water because we allow it all to run off into the sea; if we cannot have food because our top soil has been carried away so no plants or grass will grow; and our air is so filthy with car and other fumes that we cannot breathe it-then we will find that all our computers and VCRs will not help us to survive, let alone enjoy life.

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