The Vampire Hunter by Lisa Childs

By Lisa Childs

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Hadn’t been loved or protected in so many years. Since she’d become a vampiress, someone had been interested in her – so interested that he’d actually made her feel unsafe, and she’d been hiding from him as much as she’d been hiding from her sister. That man didn’t love her, though. This man didn’t love her, either. And he certainly didn’t intend to protect her. Liam McKiernan intended to kill her for what he thought she’d done. ” she asked, her voice raspy as her strength slowly ebbed back. “Or wouldn’t that have been good enough for you?

He knew why he’d stopped but not why he’d started. ” she asked. “I don’t know,” he said, afraid that he’d lost his mind. ” As he had earlier, when her tongue had left a damp trail on his skin, he shuddered. He believed she hadn’t killed Bryan. But that didn’t mean that she wasn’t capable. After all, she was a vampire. Would she stop at just the taste—or would she take all of his blood as someone had his brother’s? Chapter Three The heat she’d felt earlier now rushed to Jennifer’s face. And she wished she could take back her idiotic admission.

Needed to disarm him, so that I could get rid of him for good. ” The vampire’s voice was hollow with doubts. “You really killed someone? ” she asked. And even though his vision was still blurred, in his mind Liam could see her shrugging nonchalantly. “Because you’re too sweet. Too gentle…” Liam shuddered because he could tell, from the intimate tone of the man’s voice, that he’d stepped closer to her. That he might be touching her… Jealousy wound through him, quickening his pulse and renewing his strength.

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