The Swedish fairy book by Klara Stroebe; George W Hood; Frederick Herman Martens

By Klara Stroebe; George W Hood; Frederick Herman Martens

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No sooner had she done so than the oak tore itself out of the ground, and flew to the North, borne away by the storm-wind. In the place had stood was a deep pit, and the roots of the tree were so enormous that one of the best springs in Stommen flows from one of the rootwhere it holes to this very day. NOTE "The Skalunda Giant" (Hofberg, Svenska Folksagner, Stockholm, mountain giant 1882, p. 98) has a near relative in the Norwegian of Mesingeberg, of whom Asbjornsen tells. YTJLETIDE SPECTEKS upon a time there lived two peasants on a homestead called Vaderas, just as there are two peasants living on it now.

When the king awoke the following morning, he looked out of the window as usual, and there the castle was standing as before, with its weatherrapidity, cocks gleaming handsomely in the sunlight. He sent for his courtiers, and they came in bowing and scraping. " asked the king. They stretched their necks, and gazed and Yes, indeed, they could see the castle. Then the king sent for the princess but she was not there. Thereupon the king set off to see stared. ; whether his son-in-law was hanging in the appointed THE SWEDISH FAIRY BOOK 28 was not a sign spot but no, there or gallows.

God duke. " said the The king could only stare at him. " he asked. " inquired the king. "I really believe father has gone out of his mind on the way over to us, said the duke and laughed. "Does father think that I would allow myself to be hanged so easily? " he said, and ' ' looked them straight in the eye, so that they knew LASSE, MY THRALL! he was looking at them. They bent 29 their backs and bowed and scraped. can imagine any such thing? How could it be possible? Or should there be any one present who dare say that the king wishes me ill, let him speak out," said the duke, and gazed at them with even greater keenness than before.

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