The Soviet war machine: an encyclopedia of Russian military by Stewart Menaul, Ray Bonds

By Stewart Menaul, Ray Bonds

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Fisher places the "velocity of money" for the United States at from nineteen to twenty-two times a year. Kemmerer's estimate is about twice as high. Fisher appears to me to have made the better estimate, though the whole problem is a baffling one. 32 EFFECTS OF THE WAR ON MONEY, CREDIT AND BANKING ment, draws a bill on the retailer, either" at sight" or on thirty, sixty or ninety days' time, and this bill, "accepted" by the retailer, becomes the latter's promise to pay. It may then be used by the wholesaler in making payments to some one else-a practice probably more common in Germany than in France, and much more common with "bank acceptances" (to be described in a moment) than with" trade acceptances" (the transaction just described).

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