The Sinister Secret Of Saltmarsh (AD&D Roleplaying, Module by Dave Browne, Don Turnbull

By Dave Browne, Don Turnbull

In The Sinister mystery of Saltmarsh, the desktops examine an deserted mansion on a cliff, the place mysterious lighting were obvious lately. 32-page book and canopy with fold-out map.

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However, the DM should note the special abilities of this creature (consult the Monster Manual), particularly the effects of its 'special relationship' on its companions in terms of communication and magic resistance. AQUATIC ELF -- Oceanus, a 3rd/3rd level fighter/thief, is imprisoned in area 14. S 17; 1 11; W 10; D 18; C 13; CH 12; HP 22. Alignment CG. He has been stripped of all equipment but is proficient with spear, dagger and heavy crossbow (the latter item is a special one designed by his tribe for underwater use; in the context of the adventure series he will only be able to use spear and dagger).

Otherwise he will be oblivious to the party's intrusion unless and until someone climbs the rope ladder or the rigging towards his position; he will always detect such an approach when the climber is 11'16' below him, and will investigate -- attacking if circumstances demand it with his shortbow. Attacks made from outside the crow's nest on characters inside it are made at -3 'to hit' in addition to any other penalties that may also be in effect. This reflects the defensive bonus the 3' high walls of the crow's nest impart to any occupants.

There will be no excise duty levied on this amount. 33 THE SINISTER SECRET OF SALTMARSH The two fishermen (should they survive) should be given equal shares of all treasure collected, the calculation for them being the same as for any other member of the party (they cannot make any claim for magical items of any kind, however). Should one be slain in the course of the adventure, his surviving colleague will claim the deceased man's share on behalf of the bereaved dependents, and it may be a test of alignment within the party as to whether this claim is allowed.

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