The Serotonin Diet: The Scientifically Proven Programme to by Judith J. Wurtman, Nina Frusztajer Marquis

By Judith J. Wurtman, Nina Frusztajer Marquis

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Use them as wraps and fill with rice and beans or other carbohydrate combinations. Day 1 Serotonin Surge **Sweetcorn makes a good dinner carb when combined with other starches like rice or couscous or when used as filling in a wrap. Breakfast Women/Men (serving size) Vegetables 150-200 g (5V2-7 oz) or more Any combination of vegetables Low-fat cottage cheese Wholegrain English muffin with I teaspoon all-fruit jam ------- Limit to 200 g (7 oz)** Carrots or beetroots* ----- Banana, blueberries or strawberries 'These vegetables are restricted because they are dense.

This indicates that your brain finally contains suf­ ficient serotonin to turn off your appetite and stabilize your mood. By the time you reach the Control phase of the diet programme, you may Do some gentle stretching. Drink a glass of water or a cup of unsweetened herbal tea. Look at photos on your computer or in an album. Brush the dog or cat. Feed your goldfish. find yourself not needing to snack every single day. You can skip your Pick a few flowers, or a few weeds, from your garden. snack for a day or two, but be vigilant in listening to your brain's signals Thumb through a catalogue (anything but food).

Should I wait until I come back to a t the diet? Or should I begin it �; ; before we leave, lose the wetght an t en acce t thefact that I will gain it back again? . Start your diet before your trip and make sure that you establtsh an . exercise routme a Iong with your eatmg p I an. If your body is . . accustomed to exerclsmg several times a week you will want to . continue to work out, even while you're on your tnp. Then do this: speak to your husband about your concerns regarding gaining back .

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