The Secret of Skeleton Island (Three Investigators Classics, by Robert Arthur

By Robert Arthur

Jupe, Pete, and Bob's subsequent case sends them to Skeleton Island, an eerie spot inhabited in simple terms through pirates' bones and a tender girl's ghost. a film corporation has selected the island because the ideal position to make a frightening movie, yet mysterious occasions are disrupting the team. They name within the 3 Investigators. yet simply because the boys arrive at the island, so does the ghost!  

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Staring out of the window, he inspected the north end of the bay. There was no little sailing-boat in sight. Mrs. Barton came in, bringing a glass of milk and some cookies. "Maybe you'd like a snack, Jupiter," she said. "Lands, aren't those two boys back yet? " "I don't know," Jupiter said, shaking his head. "They said they'd be back for lunch, and they're very reliable. " "Now, it doesn't pay to worry," the woman said. " She bustled out. Jupiter sat down and munched the cookies while he looked at his notes.

He told Jeff. "They must still be here somewhere. Maybe they're diving on the other side of The Hand. " Jeff Morton stared at the clothes in perplexity. " he exclaimed. "They've left their clothes and gone off in the boat with the diving gear for some reason. We-" But Jupiter wasn't there to listen. He was hiking up the hump in the middle of The Hand, moving much faster than he usually moved. He reached the top of the ridge and eagerly looked down towards the other shore. For a moment he couldn't believe there was nothing in sight.

A few minutes later, Pete and Jeff Morton surfaced and climbed aboard. Pete shucked off his gear, grinning widely. "It was terrific," he said. "Had a little trouble clearing my eustachian tubes, but I swallowed hard and that fixed them up. " Jupe got ready a little less eagerly than the others. Jupe was not naturally athletic, and though he liked swimming all right, he was not really keen on it. When he was ready and had passed Jeff Morton's inspection, he and Jeff slipped over the side. " Pete said excitedly as the other two vanished under the water.

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