The Secret Agent by Francine Mathews

By Francine Mathews

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PRAISE FOR THE SECRET AGENT “Decidedly different from the spy lore of the lords, the women in Mathews’s books aren’t damsels in distress or vulnerable victims. Her women lead. They’re smart, courageous, and powerful…. ” —The Wall Street Journal “Lots of old-fashioned panache. ” —The Christian Science Monitor “Fast moving. ” —People “Thrills you with the CIA, a kidnapping, and the hunt. ” —Stephen White, New York Times bestselling author of Warning Signs “Francine Mathews writes with precision and authority.

Oliver sighed. “When I first learned of Max Roderick’s problem—the dead whore ’twixt the bedsheets—it was through one of my clients, Piste Ski, the French company for whom Roderick designs his pricey little boards. Piste Ski was keen to learn whether Max Roderick was framed for murder. They suspected blackmail—debts-some sort of extortion.

I retained Oliver Krane thirty months ago when I took over the chairmanship,” Hayes informed her dryly. “Krane designed the architecture of FundMarket’s security system. It’s highly sophisticated. We track electronic trades. Screen employee e-mail. ” Stefani kicked off her shoes, opened one of the boxes and pulled out a pair of brown suede boots. “Yeah? ” “Stefani—” He hesitated, his eyes on her feet. She was wearing houndstooth stockings, expensive and transparent, a checkerboard haze over instep and ankle.

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