The pink fairy book by Andrew Lang

By Andrew Lang

Forty-one eastern, Scandinavian, and Sicilian stories: "The Snow-Queen," "The crafty Shoemaker," "The Brothers," "The Merry Wives," "The guy and not using a Heart," and extra. all of the tales are narrated within the transparent, vigorous prose for which Lang was once recognized and are thought of to be the superior English types on hand. comprises sixty nine illustrations.

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The sun shone, everything glittered and sparkled as if it were sprinkled with diamond dust, and great diamonds were lying on the snowy carpet.

Into the world I have been many times scoured, and have cooked much. " you are talking too fast," spluttered the let us decide who is the grandest! '' fire. said the matches. " No, I don't like talking about myself," said the pot. " Let us arrange an evening's entertainment. I will ' ' tell I I the story of my life. U On the Baltic by the Danish shore ( t What a beautiful beginning ' ! said all the plates. " And the end was just as good as the beginning. ' the plates clattered for joy. All THE FLYING TRUNK 44 " 4 Oh Now I will dance," said the tongs, how high she could kick The old chair-cover in the corner !

And the whole court were graciously received. ' But something that we can laugh that 43 at 'one is at,' said the sultan. Oh, certainly,' he replied, and began Now, listen There was once a box of matches which lay attentively. between a tinder-box and an old iron pot, and they told ' ' : the story of their youth. " used to be on We the green fir-boughs. Every morning and evening we had diamond-tea, which was the dew, and the whole day long we had sunshine, and the 1 birds used to tell us stories.

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