The Neverending Story by Michael Ende

By Michael Ende

Read the e-book that encouraged the vintage coming-of-age film! From award-winning German writer Michael Ende, The Neverending tale is a vintage story of 1 boy and the booklet that magically involves life. 

When Bastian occurs upon an previous publication referred to as The Neverending Story, he is swept into the paranormal international of Fantastica--so a lot that he reveals he has really turn into a personality within the tale! And whilst he realizes that this mysteriously enchanted global is in nice chance, he additionally discovers that he's the only selected to reserve it. Can Bastian conquer the barrier among truth and his mind's eye with a purpose to shop Fantastica?

"An on the spot bounce into the mystical . . . vigorous, leading edge, and perceptive"—The Washington Post

"A trumpet blast for the imagination."—Sunday Times

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With a deep sigh he settled back on his pile of mats, wrapped himself in his army blankets, and reached for the book. When Atreyu awoke for the second time, he felt perfectly rested and well. He sat up. It was night. The moon was shining bright, and Atreyu saw he was in the same place where he and the white dragon had collapsed. Falkor was still lying there. His breathing came deep and easy and he seemed to be fast asleep. His wounds had been dressed. Atreyu noticed that his own shoulder had been dressed in the same way, not with cloth but with herbs and plant fibers.

No, what made his steps heavier and heavier, until he felt as though he were made of cold gray lead, was fear of the unfathomable, of something intolerably vast. Yet he went on. He stopped looking up. He kept his head bowed and walked very slowly, foot by foot, towards the stone gate. Heavier and heavier grew his burden of fear. He thought it would crush him, but still he went on. He didn't know whether the sphinxes had closed their eyes or not. Would he be admitted? Or would this be the end of his Great Quest?

And Uyulala isn't there until he has passed through the third. Simply not there. " Atreyu nodded, but preferred to say nothing for fear of irritating the gnome. "Through my telescope you have seen the first, the Great Riddle Gate. And the two sphinxes. That gate is always open. Obviously. There's nothing to close. But even so, no one can get through" -- here Engywook raised a tiny forefinger -- "unless the sphinxes close their eyes. And do you know why? The gaze of a sphinx is different from the gaze of any other creature.

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