The Missing (Tom Clancy's EndWar, Book 3) by Peter Telep

By Peter Telep

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An carrying on with game tie-in sequence "created by" Tom Clancy, yet written by means of different authors. the 1st have been through pseudonym David Michaels and the 3rd through Peter Telep.

After a devastating nuclear trade within the center East, the United States and Russia stand on contrary aspects within the quest for the world’s assets.

While on a recon challenge over Russia, Joint Strike strength pilot significant Stephanie Halverson checks a progressive new radar device—until she is shot down. within the jungles of Ecuador, relentless Marine Raider Captain Mikhail “Lex” Alexandrov pursues a sought after terrorist—and stumbles on a world conspiracy that may take him and his group into conflict. On an island off Japan, a former Russian secret agent is hunted by means of her comrades, and her simply approach out might be to illness to the West.

Each in their fates intertwines with a perilous cabal notion to were destroyed, however it was once simply wounded. And now it has returned—stronger than ever…

Based on Ubisoft’s bestselling video game, Tom Clancy’s EndWar®

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