The Mathematicall Praeface to Elements of Geometrie of by John Dee

By John Dee

The Mathematicall Praeface to parts of Geometrie of Euclid of Megara is gifted the following in a top quality paperback version. This renowned vintage paintings by way of John Dee is within the English language, and will now not contain photographs or photos from the unique variation. in the event you benefit from the works of John Dee then we hugely suggest this booklet to your ebook assortment.

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Conclusions, in all kinde of Sciences, openly to be disputed of: and among the rest, in his Conclusions Mathematicall, (in the eleuenth Conclusion) hath in Latin, this English sentence. By Numbers, a way is had, to the searchyng out, and vnderstandyng of euery thyng, hable to be knowen. For the verifying of which Conclusion, I promise to aunswere to the 74. Questions, vnder written, by the way of Numbers. Which Cõclusions, I omit here to rehearse: aswell auoidyng superfluous prolixitie: as, bycause Ioannes Picus, workes, are commonly had.

Suppose, you haue two thinges, as C, and D: and of C, the Heate to be in the 4. degree: and of D, the Colde, to be remisse, euen vnto the Temperament. Now, for C, you take 4: and for D, you take a Ciphre: which, added vnto 4, yeldeth onely 4. The middle, or halfe, whereof, is 2. Wherefore the Forme resulting of C, and D, is Hote in the second degree: for, 2. degrees, accounted from C, toward D, ende iuste in the 2. degree of heate. Of the third maner, I will geue also an example: which let be this: Note.

How Iustly and artificially, was Africanus reckening made? Proportionating to the Sommes bequeathed, the Contributions of eche part? Namely, for the hundred presently receiued, 17 1/7. And for the hundred, receiued after ten monethes, 12 6/7: which make the 30: which were to be cõtributed by the legataries to the heire. For, what proportion, 100 hath to 75: the same hath 17 1/7 to 12 6/7: Which is Sesquitertia: that is, as 4, to 3. which make 7. Wonderfull many places, in the Ciuile law, require an expert Arithmeticien, to vnderstand the deepe Iudgemẽt, & Iust determinatiõ of the Auncient Romaine Lawmakers.

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