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Between 1885 and 1894 The Montgomery Advertiser, The Birmingham-Age Herald, and The New Orleans occasions Democrat featured a chain of approximately eighty funny black-dialect sketches by way of Robert Wilton Burton, a bookseller and author from Auburn, Alabama.  in keeping with Burton, those stories have been in line with numerous characters within the black group of Auburn, and 36 of them have been dedicated completely to a personality known as "Marengo Jake."  most likely initially from Virginia, Jake Mitchell used to be delivered to the Drake Plantation in Marengo county as a boy within the 1850's.  After the Civil battle, the Drake relations moved to Auburn and plenty of former slaves undefined, forming a reasonably large expatriate Marengo County community.  The subject matter of the tales, frequently comparable by means of Jake, facilities at the superiority of all issues from Marengo County, in particular over these in Lee County, during which Auburn is located.

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I says, says I, 'Tolerble. '" "'Majane's toler'ble,' says I. ' says he. "'I aint gwine nowhars,' says I, 'I des come out yer for to see ef all what I year's true. ' "You see, Moss Billy, I was sorter jubous 'bout makin' inqui'ment 'bout dat high-drawin' ram, beca'se folks tells sich big lies deze days you never knows what to 'pen' on. "Joe naicherly love to brag, an' efI had a tole him spotly what I come atter he'd a up an' a tole de whoppinest lie he could a made up. ' You are reading copyrighted material published by the University of Alabama Press.

However, the question aroused the curiosity of the postmaster who inquired what a high drawing ram was. "De law! " "No. " "Well, sah, I done been yeared 'bout dat ram sence 'way back yander 'fo' Chris'mus, an' 1 laid offto go out dar an' see it de fus' chance. Las' Sundy evenin' 1 put on my best britches an' 1 tole Majane 1 was gwine off a wi'le to see Joe Eady. Joe he's my brer-in law, beca'se he marr'd Majanes sister, but his wife she tuck and quit him an' Joe he's a ole bachelder now. Dat's how come Joe an' Briscoe had dat fallin' out, beca'se Joe he went to chu'ch long 0' Briscoe's wife.

I went to Uniontown, I did, an' I mad a contrack wid Mr. Black to he'p him run his libity stable. Well, Mr. Black he yeared ole moster talk 'bout me, an' he trus' me same es ole moster. He gin me fifty dollars a mont' an' my vittles an' cloze. "You mighty right, Miss Purreleen, dat was big wedges, but dat was a big libity stable, an' hit tuck in a heap 0' money. D'aint no stable like dat'n in dis po' country. D'aint no room for sich a stable in deze little towns like Aubu'n. You micy swell say hit was ha'f a mile long, be'ca'se hit was more'n a quarter an' a ha'f a quarter.

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