The Lightning Stick: Arrows, Wounds, And Indian Legends by H. Henrietta Stockel

By H. Henrietta Stockel

From the writer of Survival of the Spirit and ladies of the Apache state, this publication bargains a brand new method of American historical past, American Indian historical past and scientific heritage. concentrating on the bow and arrow, it additionally covers such topics as early barber-surgeons, box surgeons within the previous West, a how-to on scalping, pre-Columbian surgeons, previous global healers, and several other instances of restoration from arrow wounds.

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Harold Groves connected the bow and arrow to the atom bomb for all time. Page 7 2 Arrows, Arrow Medicine, and Medicine Arrows When all the universe was still black and the sun had not yet been created, when there were no stars, no plants, no trees, no people, no animals, something caused a change. Whatever happened, that monumental event found form not only in the physical world as we know it but also in stories of the creationways to explain it. These tales about the Beginning, usually called creation myths, form the center of every culture's system of beliefs.

About eighty people were arrested, but only two were charged and jailed for rioting. Only outsiders, it seemed, became excited over the incident. "We fight. We settle. It is our way and we are happy. 5 An even more recent example of one modern fellow's use of the bow and arrow was reported by the Associated Press in May 1993. Anthony Roberts, a young man living in Portland, Oregon, was shot through the head with an arrow by a friend, according to the news report. This was not, as might first be imagined, a fight over a girlfriend or rival gang members seeking revenge.

His face painted with streaks of yellow and white, as his vision directed, this "doctor" comes to the door of the sick man's tepee, singing the song he dreamed. He paints the face of the patient and ties an eagle plume to his hair. He bids all the young men help in singing his powerful song, while he dances and strikes the ground with a buffalo tail. Then he and the patient bathe in the river. It was a clean wound and it heals. 28 In the same geographical region, a few select men of the great Oglala Dakota tribe belonged to the secret Sacred Bow Society.

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