The Indians by David Frenchman

By David Frenchman

Жанровые и портретные фотографии сынов прерий и лесов американского Запада. Все фотографии сделаны в те времена, когда погибали в перестрелках с индейцами ковбои и солдаты армии США. Дух времени живет в этих пожелтевших дагерротипах. Кажется. еще немного и мы услышим голоса далеких поколений, героев, ставшими в наше время всего лишь персонажами многочисленных вестернов и приключенческих боевиков. Солидное собрание фотографий в одном альбоме.

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And she touched me here in the breast with her stick, she was vexed to see me wanting to go away. They never brought me away since. Grand food they'd offer me and wine, but I never would touch it, and sometimes I'd have to give the breast to a child. Himself died, but it was they took him from me. It was in the night and he lying beside me, and I woke and heard him move, and I thought I heard some one with him. And I put out my hand and what I touched was an iron hand, like knitting needles it felt.

Youngsters they take mostly to do work for them, and they are death on handsome people, for they are handsome themselves. To all sorts of work they put them, and digging potatoes and the like, and they have wine from foreign parts, and cargoes of gold coming in to them. Their houses are ten times more beautiful and ten times grander than any house in this world. And they could build one of them up in that field in ten minutes. Clothes of all colours they wear, and crowns like that one in the picture, and of other shapes [25].

A boy among them is as clever as any boy here, but he must be matched with a woman from earth. And the same way with their women, they must get a husband here. And they never can give the breast to a child, but must get a nurse from here. One time I saw them myself, in a field and they hurling. Bracket caps they wore and bracket clothes that were of all colours. Some were the same size as ourselves and some looked like gossoons that didn't grow well. But himself has the second sight and can see them in every place.

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