The Honorary Consul (Penguin Classics) by Graham Greene

By Graham Greene

A morally advanced and mature paintings from a contemporary grasp during this later novel by means of Graham Greene? that includes a brand new introduction?the writer maintains to discover ethical and theological dilemmas via psychologically astute personality experiences and intriguing drama on a world level. within the Honorary Consul, a British consul with a passion for drink is unsuitable for an American ambassador and abducted by way of Paraguayan revolutionaries.

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A very suitable occasion one might have thought for inviting Mrs. Fortnum to entertain the guests. She must be accustomed to stag parties. " "Be fair, doctor. " "But we know a lot more about the Jesuit ruins than Charley Fortnum does. According to 'El Litoral' the Ambassador has come here to see the rums, not the tea or the maté crop, though that hardly seems likely. " "The new Ambassador wants to create a good impression," Doctor Plarr said. "Art and history. He can't be suspected of a take-over bid there.

Permission to import a car every two years. " "Probably. " "If he got his wife made a Consul, too, they could import a car a year between them. A fortune. " "That's a canard, Humphries. He paid nothing. It's not the way our Foreign Office works. Some very important visitors wanted to see the ruins. They had no Spanish. Charley Fortnum gave them a good time. It was as simple as that. And lucky for him. " "Yes, you could say he married on his Cadillac. But I'm surprised that woman of his needed the price of a Cadillac.

It might, Plarr thought, be the American Ambassador's plane, but he had never expected to hear that. He turned off the light and lay in the dark thinking of all the things that could so easily have gone wrong as the noise of the engine faded, beating south, carrying whom? He wanted to lift the receiver and dial Charley Fortnum, but there was no excuse he could think of for disturbing him at that hour. He could hardly ask: did the Ambassador enjoy the ruins? Did the dinner pass off well? I suppose at the Governor's you must have had some decent steaks?

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