The Great Book of Questions and Answers: Over 1000 Questions by Arcturus Editorial Board

By Arcturus Editorial Board

Ever puzzled even if ostriches relatively bury their heads within the sand, or what fuel giants are? This vigorous reference ebook for kids, and the complete kinfolk, asks and solutions those questions, and hundreds of thousands extra in addition to. It presents the knowledge that kids love in an available and enjoyable approach. subject matters contain: the Universe, Planet Earth, the Human physique, global background, and technology and expertise.

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The jaguar uses its powerful jaws and sharp teeth to pierce the skull of its prey between the ears. Its strong teeth can even break open turtle shells. White tigers are not albinos. A true albino would not have stripes, but white tigers have prominent stripes. They are not a separate species, but differentlycoloured members of the same species. Their colour is caused by a mutation in their genes, which rarely occurs naturally. In recent times, the first pair of white tigers was found in a forest in central India.

All bears have long, shaggy fur. The colour of fur varies from species to species. Sharp claws Bears have pads on their feet to help them walk and sharp, curved claws. Ferocious grizzly The brown bear, known as the grizzly bear in North America, is a ferocious predator. When threatened or during a fight for a mate, grizzlies stand up on their hind legs and use their long-clawed forepaws to fight. Q Which is the largest of all bear species? A The polar bear is not only the largest of all bears, but also the largest carnivore on land.

Floods are often very destructive. They can damage crops and houses and kill people. But in the long run they can also do some good. They bring fresh soil down the river and spread it on the flooded land. Egyptian farmers have been dependent on the annual flooding of the Nile for thousands of years. The Amazon and the Ganges rivers regularly bring fertile soil to the agricultural areas downstream. Longest river The ancient civilization of Egypt started along the banks of the Nile. qxd 21/5/07 12:15 pm Page 33 Other Landforms Try these too… North America (110–111), South America (112–113), Australia and Oceania (114–115), Europe (116–117) Largest desert The Sahara is the world’s largest hot desert.

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