The Geology of Cornwall by C.M. Bristow, E.M. Durrance, E.B. Selwood

By C.M. Bristow, E.M. Durrance, E.B. Selwood

Cornwall is well known for the range and complexity of its geology. This geology, and its relation to the mineral wealth of the county, has been the topic of continuous research because the finish of the 17th century. The Geology of Cornwall analyses this literature of serious old interest alongside a wide-ranging assessment of the present place and tests of the environmental results of rock and mineral exploitation.
These contributions through twenty-one major educational and advertisement geologists are aimed toward all readers with an novice or specialist curiosity in exploring the interesting geology of Cornwall. Undergraduate fieldworkers will locate the ebook quite helpful.

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Later stress fields acting on these planes can give rise to vertical as well as transcurrent displacements. 1d). The Start–Perranporth Line juxtaposing elements from the northern and southern sides of the Rheic Ocean, then came into existence. RU N N I N G H E A D 21 Chapter Three The Lizard Complex The interpretation of the gabbro, amphibolite, serpentinized peridotite and associated rocks of the Lizard Complex has undergone radical reappraisal since the pioneering work of the Geological Survey.

The mid-Atlantic Ridge is the constructive plate margin separating the European and North American plates, and the western edge of the North American plate is, in parts, both a destructive margin (British Columbia) and a conservative margin (California). The broad picture of the changes that have affected Cornwall is relatively straightforward. Firstly, there is the gradual northward migration of Cornubia against which all other changes must be viewed; and secondly, there is a history of episodic joining of continents and opening of ocean basins.

1992). South of Coverack, one large dyke-like body of strongly deformed gabbro mylonites runs along the coast from Carrick Luz to Spurnic Cove [SX 753 167], where it turns inland to join the main gabbro body. The gabbro approximates to a vertical body between 10–100 m wide, folded about a horizontal axis trending parallel to the strike. The mylonites display shear criteria indicating dextral displacement. The steep dips of the hanging-wall and footwall peridotite margins are more compatible THE LIZARD COMPLEX 25 with an interpretation of the mylonitic gabbro as the remnants of a leaky transform fault rather than a shear zone running along the petrological Moho as suggested by Gibbons & Thompson (1991, fig.

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