The Fountainhead (Centennial Edition Hardcover) by Ayn Rand

By Ayn Rand

A different version hardcover in get together of Ayn Rand’s centennial. whilst it was once first released in 1943, The Fountainhead--containing Ayn Rand’s daringly unique literary imaginative and prescient with the seeds of her groundbreaking philosophy, Objectivism—won fast all over the world acclaim. This quick vintage is the tale of an intransigent younger architect, his violent conflict opposed to traditional criteria, and his explosive love affair with a gorgeous girl who struggles to defeat him. This centennial variation of The Fountainhead, celebrating the debatable and eduring legacy of its writer, positive aspects an afterword by way of Rand’s literary executor, Leonard Peikoff, providing a few of Ayn Rand’s own notes at the improvement of her masterwork. “A author of significant energy. She has a refined and inventive brain and the potential of writing brilliantly, fantastically, bitterly.” --The big apple occasions

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He had never learned the process of thinking about other people. But he wondered, at times, what made them such as they were. He wondered again, thinking of the Dean. There was an important secret involved somewhere in that question, he thought. There was a principle which he must discover. But he stopped. He saw the sunlight of late afternoon, held still in the moment before it was to fade, on the gray limestone of a stringcourse running along the brick wall of the Institute building. He forgot men, the Dean and the principle behind the Dean, which he wanted to discover.

I don't think you understood me,” said Roark. ” “I won't be back. ” “I don't understand you,” said the Dean stiffly. “Is there any point in explaining? ” “If you wish. I want to be an architect, not an archeologist. I see no purpose in doing Renaissance villas. ” “My dear boy, the great style of the Renaissance is far from dead. ” “They are. And they will be. ” “I came here to learn about building. When I was given a project, its only value to me was to learn to solve it as I would solve I a real one in the future.

He had not added a single object to the bare necessities of furniture which she had provided; no pictures, no pennants, no cheering human touch. He had brought nothing to the room but his clothes and his drawings; there were few clothes and too many drawings; they were stacked high in one comer; sometimes she thought that the drawings lived there, not the man. Roark walked now to these drawings; they were the first things to be packed. He lifted one of them, then the next, then another. He stood looking at the broad sheets.

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