The Filipino piecemeal sugar strike of 1924-1925, Volume 3 by John E. Reinecke

By John E. Reinecke

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He was a graduate of the Philippine Normal School and held a bachelor's degree from the Ateneo Rizal College of Pharmacy. 4 Ligot brought to his job mature age, prestige, administrative experience, native fluency in the majority tongue of Hawaii's Filipinos and a knowledge of Tagalog, Visayan, Spanish, and English. He also brought the paternalistic outlook of a Filipino educator and bureaucrat, which attuned him closer to the paternalistic Haole planters than to the restless Filipino laborers. Page 16 Ligot was welcomed with a banquet by the labor union leaders.

J. K.  .  . My request was favored, and for this reason many laborers could go back to their respective work. But when I observed that yet there were many laborers Page 18 remaining in the same condition as before, idling their time, loafing and gambling, and being aware that such conduct gives very bad name to the Filipino race as a whole, I gave them fraternal advice in a meeting, and I said, in Tagalog, that this should be stated whisperingly to their ears, for the sake of the already soiled honor and dignity of our race.

28 Ligot headed a delegation to present these requests to the HSPA convention on November 20. The response showed the Page 23 contempt in which the planters held their Filipino stooges, and their care not to give the slightest encouragement to anything smacking of unionism, even though it be company unionism. A special committee studied the resolutions for about four months, when Butler reported that all were viewed favorably except the first three, which were still being studied. Ligot ruefully reported that Manlapit had used the four months 'to instigate the laborers to think bad against the plantations and the Labor Commissioner.

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