The elements of field artillery by Henry Knollys

By Henry Knollys

Руководствопо полевой артиллерии для пехотных и каваллерийских офицеров. Адаптированные артиллерийские уставы, чертежи, схемы.

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Bullets. The clay and sand. and varying in to the calibre of the gun for which The 9-pounder case contains 110 interstices When between them are the gun is fired, filled with the tin cyUn- der breaks up in the bore, and the liberated balls are Projectiles for Muzzle-loading Field-Guns. scattered at the muzzle. 350 Case is effective up 1 to about yards, or, if fired with an extra charge of powder, a Ammunition. " gunpowder it called a " bursting- cyUndro-ogival (pronounced is head beiag ojival; Prencli, pointed arch), the ogive found to give superior range and penetration to the Its length is about three times its conoidal head.

Common Shell differs from the muzzle-loading chiefly in being coated with lead larger than the bore of the gun. and being The inside shell slightly rifling, as 8. Segment Shell shell, being force of the explosion drives the soft coating into the explained in page jam (fig. 9) consists of a thin cast-iron which cast-iron segments are built up, leaving a hollow space in the centre, where the bursting-charge is placed. The outside is coated with lead, which flows between the segments and binds them together.

Fig. ) The Line, of sight is the line passing sights at any elevation, — and the through two object. Axis of the gun. ^An imaginary horizontal drawn through the centre of the bore. Line of fire. Angle of —The —The axis of the piece produced. elevation. of sight with the line of A gun angle B made by the line fire. laid point-blank is line when of its axis passes through the object the prolongation aimed at, whether such object be on the same level with the gun or otherwise. " differs entirely from It is the distance from the graze of the shot plane and is when the piece is gun " point- to the first on a horizontal laid with its axis perfectly horizontal.

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