The Cold War by Reg Grant

By Reg Grant

The chilly War explores the secrets and techniques of the chilly conflict. The superpowers by no means fought brazenly on a battlefield. as a substitute, they attacked each other through underhanded means—spying, propaganda, mystery operations, and guerrilla wars.

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Nuclear weapons Bombs or missiles that release nuclear energy to create a massive explosion—for example, an atom bomb or hydrogen bomb. samizdat The term for a book or pamphlet secretly circulated among dissidents in the Soviet Union. SIS Secret Intelligence Service: the British organization for espionage and other covert operations abroad. Soviet Union Officially known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), a communist-ruled federation of 15 republics, dominated by Russia. special forces Elite military personnel skilled in operating behind enemy lines and using guerrilla tactics.

FIRST STRIKE FEARS “Nuclear deterrence”—avoiding war by threatening mutual destruction—was a dangerous business. Both sides feared that their enemy would launch a surprise “first strike” to destroy their nuclear weapons before they could respond. The United States and its allies established an early warning system to keep a 24-hour watch for any sign of an enemy first strike. A far-flung chain of radar stations was linked to an underground command base tunneled deep inside Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado.

HIDDEN WAR IN VIETNAM In the 1960s, the United States became involved in a major conflict in Southeast Asia. US aircraft bombed communist-ruled North Vietnam, and hundreds of thousands of US soldiers were deployed against communist-led guerrillas in South Vietnam. In parallel with these large-scale military operations, a ruthless secret war was fought by the CIA and US Army Special Forces. A US Special Forces officer leads Montagnard fighters on a jungle patrol in the Vietnam War. A-TEAMS The US Army Special Forces, or “Green Berets,” were elite soldiers trained to operate in small groups behind enemy lines.

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