The Borrowers Aloft: With the Short Tale Poor Stainless by Mary Norton

By Mary Norton

Imprisoned in an attic via a grasping couple who are looking to use them as performers, the debtors get away via balloon.

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Platter was a builder and undertaker at Went-le-Craye, the other side of the river, of which Mr. Pott's stream was a tributary. They lived quite close, as the crow flies, but far apart by road. Mr. Platter had a fine, new red-brick house on the main road to Bedford, with a gravel drive and a garden that sloped to the water. " Mr. Platter had amassed a good deal of money. But people weren't dying as they used to, and when the brick factory closed down, there were fewer new inhabitants. This was because Mr.

Except of course ... well, I'm not sure about the stationmaster's overcoat. But when you come to think of it, the stationmaster didn't need it for warmth, did he, being made as he is of barbola? And it wasn't his, either—I made it. Come to that, I made him, too. So it really belongs to me. " "Not warmth," agreed Mr. Pott absently. "These borrowers do need warmth. They need fuel and shelter and water, and they terribly need human beings. Not that they trust them. They're right, I suppose: one has only to read the papers.

Gossip about neighbors—he had never held with it. Nor, until now, had Miss Menzies. A talker, yes, but a lady born and bred. This wasn't like her, he thought unhappily ... peeping in windows ... no, it wasn't like her at all. She was on now about the stationmaster's coat. she took it, you see. That's where it went. She took it for him, gold buttons and all, and he wears it in the evening, after sundown when the air gets chilly. I would not be at all surprised if, one day, she snapped up the vicar's cassock.

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