The Amazing Quest of Doctor Syn by Russell Thorndyke

By Russell Thorndyke

The 6th booklet within the sequence of health professional Syn novels through Russell Thorndike, within which the health professional travels to Wales to compete with one other smuggler.

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Picture after picture; adventurous and terrible situations, in which either he was saving Mipps, or Mipps was rescuing him; Indians, pirates, and huge seas. The Welshman set his glass down beside him, and the movement brought the vicar back to his present obligations. 'I declare your remark sent me into a daydream, or rather a series of day nightmares, for my servant and I have seen strange things in our time. But it occurs to me that, instead of discussing my sexton, we had better take another drink to whet our appetites, since my housekeeper gets vastly offended if justice is not done to what she prepares.

Like his master, Mipps, too, needed little sleep, and the vicar was amused to see him crossing the churchyard to the open grave, shouldering spade and pick. But Mipps was not the first there. The Welsh lawyer, in a heavy coat against the rain, was gazing into the deep cavity. Doctor Syn, who, much to the anxiety of his housekeeper, was impervious to the dirtiest weather, strolled from beneath the porch without hat or top coat. Crossing into the churchyard, he overheard the following conversation.

I ordered my men in pursuit, sending two of the best runners out like a fan to hedge him off. I think he would have got away but for a mishap which was his undoing. He ran down a dyke bank to cross the water, caught his foot in some bulrushes, and down he went with a sprained ankle and his head under water. By the time he had extricated himself we were on him. His pistols both missed fire from the damp, and I flung my heavy cudgel, which struck him on the forehead and knocked him out. After that it was easy to pull him unconscious from the water and lash him up.

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