The Alkaloids : Chemistry and Physiology by Arnold Brosse

By Arnold Brosse

The Alkaloids: Chemistry and body structure V10.

content material: disguise; The Alkaloids: Chemistry and body structure; Copyright web page; Contents; checklist of members; Preface; Contents of earlier Volumes; bankruptcy 1. Steroid Alkaloids: The Solanum team; I. advent; II. The incidence of Glycoalkaloids and Alkamines; III. The Glycoalkaloids; IV. The Alkamines; V. Biochemistry and attainable Biogenetic Relationships; VI. organic job; VII. Tables of actual Constants; References; bankruptcy 2. Steroid Alkaloids: The Veratrum crew; I. creation; II. Jerveratrum Alkaloids; III. Ceveratrum Alkaloids; IV. Fritillaria Alkaloids; V. Addendum; References bankruptcy three. Erythrophleum AlkaloidsI. creation; II. Cassaine and Cassaidine; III. Coumingine and Coumingidine; IV. Erythrophleum Alkaloids Containing a C-4 Carbomethoxy workforce; References; bankruptcy four. The Lycopodium Alkaloids; I. advent; II. The Alkaloids and Their prevalence; III. Annotinine; IV. Lycopodine and comparable Alkaloids; V. Lyconnotine; VI. Annotine; VII. Serratinine; VIII. Lycodine and similar Alkaloids; IX. Flabelline; X. Selagine; XI. Cernuine and Lycocernuine; XII. man made experiences; XIII. Biogenesis and Biosynthesis; XIV. Mass Spectra of Lycopodium Alkaloids; References bankruptcy five. Alkaloids of the Calabar BeanI. Physostigmine; II. Physovenine; III. Eseramine; IV. N-8-Norphysostigmine; V. Calabatine and Calabacine; VI. Eseridine; VII. Pharmacology; References; Chapte 6. The Benzylisoquinoline Alkaloids; I. advent; II. Benzyltetrahydroisoquinoline Alkaloids with 3 Oxygenated Substituents; III. Benzyltetrahydroisoquinoline Alkaloids with 4 Oxygenated Substituents; IV. Benzylisoquinoline Alkaloids; V. N-Benzyltetrahydroisoquinoline Alkaloids; VI. l-Benzyltetrahydroisoquinoline Bases on the topic of the Alkaloids; VII. Corrigenda VIII. Biogenesis of Benzylisoquinoline AlkaloidsIX. Addendum; References; bankruptcy 7. The Cularine Alkaloids; I. Cularine; II. Cularieine; III. Cularidine; References; bankruptcy eight. Papaveraceae Alkaloids; I. advent; II. incidence; III. homes; IV. constructions; References; bankruptcy nine. a-Naphthaphenanthridine Alkaloids; I. New resources; II. constructions; III. Syntheses; IV. Physiological motion; V. Biosynthesis; References; bankruptcy 10. the easy Indole Bases; textual content; References; bankruptcy eleven. Alkaloids of Picralima nitida; I. prevalence II. The Mass Spectra of Akuammicine, 2,16-Dihydroakuammicine, and Tetra- hydroakuammicineIII. contemporary advancements within the Chemistry of ?-Akuammigine, Picraline, Akuammiline, and Akuammicine; IV. Picraphylline; V. Biogenesis of the Picralima Alkaloids; References; bankruptcy 12. Alkaloids of Mitragyna and Ourouparia Species; I. incidence; II. Mitragynine, Speciogynine, Speciociliatine, Mitraciliatine, Hirsutine, and Paynantheine; III. Mitrajavine; IV. Mitraphylline and Rhynchophylline; V. Speciophylline, Uncarine-C, and Uncarine-D; VI. Addendum; References
summary: The Alkaloids: Chemistry and body structure V10

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S. jasminoides Paxt. jubatum Willd. S. juciri Mart. khasianum C. B. khasianum C. B. Clarke var. chatterjeeanum Senguptk S. laciniatum Ait. S. laplaticum Buk. S. leptostigma Juz. S. lesteri Hawk. et Hjerting S. longipedicellatum Bitt. S . luteum Mill. lycocarpum St. Hil. mncolae Buk. S . mncranthum Dun. S. macrocnrpum L. S. maglia Schlecht. S. mam,nwsum L. S . mnrginatum L. f. S . maroniense Poit. S. mauritianurn Scop. megactrrpum Koids. 9. melrsnocarpum Dun. S. melnnocernsum Willd. melongena L.

Isol. Isol. Solanidine L-Rhamnose, D-glucose, g galactose Isol. -Solanine y-Solanine Solanidine Solanidine D -Glucose, D -galactose a-Chaconine P1-ChaconineQ Solanidine Solanidine 2 L-Rhamnose, glucose L-Rhamnose, g glucose IsoI. Isol. Synth. Isol. Isol. Bz-Chaconineg y-Chaconine Solanidine Solanidine L-Rhamnose, D-glUCoSe D-Glucose Solacauline Solanidine trioside Solanidine lactoside Solanidine Solanidine Solanidine 2 ~ - X y l o s eD-glucose , Rhamnose, arabinose, glucose D -Galactose, D -glucose glucose g galactose Isol.

Var. ) L. esculentum Mill. var. ) Alef. ( = L. esculentum Mill. var. pruniforme Voss) L. esculentum Mill. var. grnndifoliuin Bailey L. esculentum Mill. var. validum Bailey L. esculentum Mill. mut. L. esculentum Mill. mut. exilis L. esculntum Mill. mut. prunoiden L. glnndulosum Mill. L. hirsutum Humb. et Bonpl. “ L . mexicanum”b L. ) Mill. ( = L. peruvianum chutatum ) ( = L. peruviunum putatum) L. ) Mill. var. dentatum Dun. L. ) Mill. var. humifusum Mull. L. ) Mil!. var. typicum Mill. L . ) Mill.

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