The Adventures of Molly Whuppie and Other Appalachian by Anne Shelby

By Anne Shelby

Combining conventional Appalachian folktale plots with a latest sensibility, author and storyteller Anne Shelby creates fourteen energetic, unique tales of a humorous, magical, but commonplace world.Many of the tales characteristic a lady named Molly Whuppie, who's shrewdpermanent, courageous, and robust. Encountering witches, giants, an ogre who refuses to do housekeeping, undesirable boyfriends, and all demeanour of conundrums, Molly manages to outwit all of them with a effective blend of nerve, trickery, and undeniable success. additionally showing within the tales are Molly's sisters Polly and Betts, the well-known Appalachian hero Jack (Molly saves him a couple of times), and 3 cornbread-baking mice.These pleasant and infrequently amazing tales are certain to attract readers and listeners of every age who take pleasure in an adventurous story good advised.

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Molly said she was hoping to make a little more than that. But he said that was all he could afford, take it or leave it, so she took it. Molly stayed and worked for that man a solid year and never got a payday, never even got the one penny. Stayed and worked another year, and never got a penny that time either. So after the third year she quit. Went and told the giant good-bye, I’m gone, I want my three cents. Well, he tried ever way in the world to talk her out of leaving. He wanted her to stay there and work right on for nothing.

Then to beat it all, three days before Christmas, the cow went dry. Next the well went dry. And the hen, seeing how things were going, got so down and discouraged she couldn’t lay one more egg. “Don’t look for Christmas to come this year,” Pap told the boys. ” Well, naturally Will and Tom and Jack couldn’t stand the thoughts of that for one minute. So they got busy and lit in to thinking. They thought so hard and so long and so fast, they felt that their heads must surely bust wide open. Finally they came up with a plan.

Mighty picky for a stick,” the old woman grumbled. And she walked on down the road till she came to a fire burning. Pig Tale : : : 41 And she said to the fire, “Fire,” said she, “I want you to burn that stubborn stick. ” “I’d rather not,” replied the fire. The old woman walked on, mad as fire, till she came upon a puddle of water in the road. And she said to the water, “Water,” said she, “I want you to quench that good-for-nothing fire. ” “Well, I might,” replied the water. ” “Thanks for nothing,” the old woman snorted, and she went on till she met a mule.

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