Teacher’s Guide to The Core Classics Edition of Robin Hood by Judy Gardner

By Judy Gardner

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9. On the back of this page, draw a picture of a sinister looking house. 49 VOCABULARY LIST 3 - Look up each word in a dictionary. Include parts of speech. 1. portly 2. dejected 3. sentinel 4. curt 5. falter 6. menace 7. quest 8. vigorous 9. begrudge 10. clergy 11. chastise 12. contend 13. comely 14. forsake 15. tyranny 50 VOCABULARY LIST 3 - EXERCISES Part I. Choose the best word from your vocabulary list to fill in the blanks in each sentence. You may have to add an ending to the verbs. 1. The Sheriff’s daughter may have been quite ____________, but Robin clearly preferred fair Maid Marian.

In what ways is Prince John a menace to Maid Marian? 5. How did Maid Marian come to live in the greenwood? QUESTION FOR FURTHER DISCUSSION 1. Describe the terrifying life and death incident that Marian experiences in this chapter. Can you compare it to any fear you have experienced? 2. Describe the feelings that you think Robin might have experienced as he helped Marian come back to consciousness. 3. Why do you think Robin Hood chose to loan money to Sir Richard of Lea? Was it unusual for Robin to lend money/aid to such men of status?

Quest 9. faltered 10. sentinel 11. clergy 12. menace 13. vigorous 14. chastising 15. curt Part II 1. begrudge 2. contend 3. portly 4. chastise 5. dejected 6. falter 7. vigorous 8. curt 9. comely 10. forsake Part III 1. comely 2. portly 3. reward 4. dejected 5. curt 6. vigorous Part IV- Answers will vary. 61 GRAMMAR EXERCISES NAME__________________ SENTENCE FRAGMENTS Authors often use sentence fragments in dialogue; they can do so because the meaning is understood by the context. Each of the following sentence fragments appears in the dialogue of one of the chapters of your Robin Hood book.

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