Strange Things Sometimes Still Happen: Fairy Tales from by Angela Carter

By Angela Carter

Unusual issues occasionally nonetheless take place opens the entrance to a beautiful international of fairy stories, a global of mischievous maids, wily girls, enchantresses, midwives, and crones. here's a treasure trove of stories that may purely were gathered by way of the distinguished Angela Carter, whom Salman Rushdie known as the "high sorceress" and the "benevolent witch queen" of English literature.

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I t's a man ! Have at him, girls ! ' And with their whips, each o f them having braided her robe and tied knots in it, they put S ahin in the middle and descended on his naked body. Hit him from here, turn him around there, and beat him again on the other side! All the while he was jumping among them and shouting at the top of his voice. When she thought he had had enough, she winked at them to clear a path. As soon as he saw his way open, he opened the door and 22 ST R O N G M I N DS A N D LOW CU N N I N G dashed out running, wearing only the skin the Lord had given him.

She then brought out large bowls, prepared a huge platter, piled all the food on it, and headed straight out of there, taking the food with her and closing the door of the tunnel behind her. ' 'Eh! ' they asked, gathering around. 'just eat and be quiet,' she replied. 'What more do you want? ' The food was prepared for forty lads, and here were forty lasses. They set to and ate it all. 'Go on along now ! ' commanded the vizier's daughter. 'Each one back where she came from. Disperse! ' She dispersed them, and they went their way.

So she jumped in and Jack locked her in. So Foster come in and he was jest talkin' and a laughin' with those two girls and tellin' the most tales, and he was goin' to taken 'em over to a corn shuckin' next day. ' So Jack put up some boiled meat and water. That's all they had. As soon as the girls stepped in and seed the circumstance 10 STRONG MIN DS AND LOW CU N N I N G and seed their time had come their countenance fell. ' Girls both jumped up and started to run. Foster jumps up and ketched 'em, and gets his tomihawk and starts u pstairs with 'em.

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