Stories of Don Quixote Written Anew for Children by James Baldwin

By James Baldwin

A retelling for the younger reader of the main fascinating elements of Cervantes' nice novel approximately Don Quixote, the eccentric gentleman who fancies himself a knight-errant. The adventures so much beautiful to young children are integrated, and comparable in this sort of method as to shape a continual narrative, with either the spirit and elegance of the unique preserved up to attainable. compatible for a long time 10 and up.

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This was our only hope. The raging waves carried us nearer and nearer to the shore. We could see the breakers dashing upon the great rocks. The land looked more frightful than the sea. Then all at once, a huge wave overset the boat. We had no time to speak or think. We were thrown out into the raging sea. We were swallowed up by the waves. I Am Cast upon a Strange Shore THE next thing I knew I was lying on the beach and the breakers were rolling over me. Some wave, kinder than others, must have carried me there.

But the cabin and the storerooms were dry. The boxes of food had not been touched by the water. I was very hungry, but I had no time to lose. So I filled my pockets with dry biscuits and ate them as I went about. There were many things on the ship. They might be very useful to me if I had them on shore. But there was no boat, and how could I carry them there? " I said to myself. There were several long pieces of timber on the deck. I tied a rope to each of these so that it would not float away.

But at last I picked him up and put him in my bag. He was not hurt, and I carried him home. It was a long time before I could make him talk. But at last he became a great pet and would call me by my name. I shall have a funny story to tell about him after a while. Besides parrots there were many other birds in the woods. Some of these were of kinds that I had never seen before. In the low grounds I saw some animals that looked like rabbits. There were others that I took to be foxes, but they were not such foxes as we have in England.

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