Stargate SG-1: Sunrise: SG1-17 by J. F. Crane

By J. F. Crane

Presently after the occasions of season4 episode, underneath the outside, SG-1 locate themselves on a dull global. They detect long-dead our bodies frozen within the snow and a clue to a tool promising defense from the Goa'uld endlessly. Following the path they move looking for the safeguard of the Gods, yet all isn't because it turns out and SG-1 locate themselves entangled with a humans dealing with annihilation on a drowning international.

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Placing the box on the desk he opened the lid. There was no dust, everything was spotless. Reaching in, he pulled out a somewhat faded copy of what looked like a newspaper or magazine. “Edition one,” he said. “The year forty-eight. ” Daniel interrupted. Jack caught his glance and knew what he was thinking. The year forty-eight since what, exactly? “Yes,” Kermit said, laying the paper down and smoothing his hand over it. Jack could make out a man’s face on the cover, teeth gleaming in a perfect smile.

Hammond figured they’d probably earned a little latitude, but he was only willing to go so far. “Okay,” he said at last, “you can make the call on this, Jack. ” O’Neill’s relief was restrained, but evident. ” He tapped the closed report on his desk. “Any sign that SG-1 is adversely affected by the stamp and I want to know about it—and by SG-1 I mean you too. ” Hammond nodded a dismissal. “Get back to work, Colonel. ” Chapter Two Silver-blue light rippled through the room, the frisson of static and ozone stirring the hairs at the back of Jack O’Neill’s neck.

It was insidious, this Sunrise, she thought. As the end credits rolled, accompanied by the same nondescript melody that had played at the start, the crowd broke into excited chatter and filtered from their pews towards the doors. Ennis Channon and Tynan Camus approached the team. ” asked Ennis, his smile broad. The colonel opened his mouth to reply but, perhaps prudently, Daniel spoke first. ” “It is a wondrous thing, is it not? And we have Brother Camus to thank for that. ” “Wow, I’ve never met a TV producer before,” said the colonel.

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