Sock by Penn Jillette

By Penn Jillette

Twisting the blood brother cop tale the other way up and within out, Penn Jillette has created the main detailed narrator to return alongside in fiction in lots of years: a sock monkey referred to as Dickie. The sock monkey belongs to a brand new York urban police diver who discovers the physique of an previous lover within the murky waters of the Hudson River and units off along with her ally to discover her killer. the tale in their quest swerves and veers, takes to the air into philosophical riffs, sometimes stops to inform an aspect tale, and references a treasure trove of 1970's and 1980's popular culture. Sock is a shocking, extreme, interesting piece of labor.

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Nothing personal, man, you’re just dead. I got a DWI on top of it. Manslaughter. Only a Darwinian step worse than monkeyslaughter. Not murder at all. Just a little reckless at quarter to three. Give me one for my baby, one for the bald, fat guy in the classic Impala, and one more for the road. A James Bond kill is always third-degree. He’s sneaking into the place and the guard hears him. It’s kill or be killed. Bond has no choice. He does it and he does it quietly. He does what he has to do. What he has to do as a man.

There’s the heartbreak of kids who really want to go to college but just don’t have the brains. But it can’t touch the heartbreak of the kids with the brains and the grades who just don’t want to go to college. No one is pushing for them not to go. They have no cheerleaders on their side. There are no programs to help them drop out. The Little Fool was one of the tragic cases. He could have gone right from high school into scuba (acronym) and NYPD (initialism). But he wasted four years in pre-law.

Then it had looked to the world as if he had abandoned me. But I ain’t Puff, the magic dragon. There’s no drug reference in the Little Fool’s love. I was never outgrown. I can’t be outgrown. The Little Fool is no pothead Jackie Paper. Puff is a rascal; I’m a bad wammerjammer. The Little Fool is a momma’s boy. He’s a momma’s boy like all real momma’s boys. He has become what his Mom would have wanted to be if she had been bigger, stronger and male. The world is seeing the last of these real momma’s boys.

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