Sikhism, 3rd Edition (World Religions (Facts on File)) by Nikky-Guninder Kaur Singh

By Nikky-Guninder Kaur Singh

Describes the fundamental tenets of Sikhism, tells the tale of its development in India, examines the hot flow towards better political independence in the Indian state, the results of Hindu nationalism at the Sikh group, and problems with cultural edition, persecution, and and next schooling now occurring within the West.

content material: advent: Sikhism and the trendy international --
Guru Nanak and the origins of the Sikh religion --
Sikh culture and the Guru Granth --
Sikh notion --
Sikh ethics --
spiritual lifestyles and rites of passage --
Sacred house and changed time --
ladies and Sikhism --
Siky culture and sleek culture.

one of many world's youngest religions, Sikhism used to be based approximately 500 years in the past in northern India. This publication describes the fundamental tenets of Sikhism, tells the attractive tale of its progress in India, Read more...

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Here is one version: Ikk oan kar sat nam karta purakh nir bhau nir vair akal murat ajuni saibhang gur prasad the belief in the nature of being and reality and the relationship of individuals to the universe. ” There is one Being Truth is its name Creator of all Without fear Without enmity Timeless in form Unborn Self-existent [Discovered] through the gift of the enlightener iKK The first word of the Mul Mantra is usually written as the number One and proclaims the existence and total Oneness of the Ultimate Reality.

For example, the Guru Granth uses images of working people to highlight the dignity of honest labor. The potter with his clay, the blacksmith with his anvil, the woman adorning herself for her loved one, the mother nursing her child, all become metaphors for the relationship of the Universal One to humankind. So too do the animals of the earth, especially those that are domesticated by humans. The explicit male and female imagery in the Guru Granth does not contradict the formless nature of the Ultimate One.

Sikhs believe that by naming him Angad, Nanak had made Lehna more than his successor. He had transferred his own inner light to Lehna, making Lehna one with him in spirit. The Sikh scripture describes the transference as being like one flame kindling another. The light and the message had passed from Nanak to Angad. This transference, begun by Nanak, was repeated successively through the installation of the 10th guru, Gobind Singh, in 1675. ThE 10 guruS of SIkhISm T he 10 gurus of the Sikh tradition are unique in the history of religion.

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