Sedimentation History in the Arctic Ocean and Subarctic Seas by M. A. Levitan

By M. A. Levitan

The publication displays the result of the examine of sedimentation background, paleoclimatology, and paleoceanography of the Arctic and Subarctic over the past a hundred thirty ka. the most items into consideration are marine basins of the West Subarctic (Iceland, Norwegian, and Greenland Seas), the Arctic Ocean (Barents, Pechora, Kara, Laptev, East Siberian, Chukchi Seas and deep-sea Arctic Ocean proper), East Subarctic (Bering and Okhotsk Seas). the fashionable atmosphere and geological heritage of water- (ice-) sheds and marine basins were studied for every area, utilizing diversified sedimentological and geochemical proxies. more often than not result of the authors' personal experiences are represented, with particular emphasis on glacial/interglacial variability and land-ocean interplay. The e-book is aimed toward sedimentologists, quaternary and marine geologists, paleoclimatologists and paleoceanographers, in addition to being of serious curiosity to scholars within the similar fields.

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D. A. Spiridonova, the top of the marine strata and the overlapping peat bed correspond to a climatic optimum of the Mikulino Interglaciation, which is reflected by the following palynological zones (Grichuk, 1961): M4 – zone of oak, elm and fir; the beginning of maximal abundance of aldertree and filbert; M5 – zone of oak and elm with an admixture of linden and hornbeam; the end of the maxima of filbert and alder-tree; fir maximum; M6 – zone of fir and hornbeam. A. Spiridonova (Lavrushin and Spiridonova, 1995) above the climatic optimum.

Granulometric changes are observed upward Member I due to an increase of silt material. The clays (about 8 m) contain a cold-water boreal-Arctic assemblage of marine bivalves. I. Gudina, the mollusks were associated with foraminifers; the Arctic species Elphidium subclavatum being most abundant (64%). The foraminiferal assemblage was the Arctic deep water (depth of 150–200 m) one, which lived at temperatures 0 ± +1◦ C. A borealArctic foraminiferal assemblage was found higher up the section. Member 2 consists of four thin interbeds of fine-grained sands enclosing sandy-clayey balls.

Tveranger. This, however, did not make the obtained age more reliable. S. M. 2). They explained inaccurate radiocarbon dates for the plant remains by allochtonous occurrence of the latter as a result of reworking of different-aged peats during the accumulation of the sandy sequence. S. M. Potapenko (2005), who inferred the early Middle Valday age of the sandy sequence from careful studies of sections in the north of European Russia, their correlations and geological mapping. 6 ka) as well as the visible part of the alluvium sequence does not reflect the final phase of the deposition.

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