Secret Passages by Paul Preuss

By Paul Preuss

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She snapped the shutter and thumbed the lever again, pressing her mobile lips together to suppress a grin. ” He raised an inquisitive eyebrow. ” She said it with more humor than heat, keeping her eye to the viewfinder. She snapped one more frame, then let the camera dangle from its strap. “I followed you to take pic-tures of you. And to ask you about yourself. I decided that while Peter was working, I would work too. ” And impressed. He knew the truth more completely than she could imagine, and he knew how carefully she had to step around it.

Katerina had risen long before dawn and started the climb from Ayia Kyriaki, leaving the donkey behind, bringing with her only a little marmalade in a pottery jar and a loaf of fresh bread. The last part of the climb in the dark exhausted her, as it did every time; the slope was loose dirt and rocks lying at the angle of repose, falling away with every step. After an hour’s hard work she reached the crest of the ridge and stopped to catch her breath. Sophia’s child was due, and still Katerina did not know what to do about it; she had no one to ask for advice.

I meant to thank you. ” “I think you showed us Delos because you want to know Peter. ” “I heard him claim an interest in reality last night. ” Minakis took a sip of his bitter coffee. “I would like to know how you came to that conclusion. When did he first. . ” She smiled again, faintly. “I’ll let him tell you what he wants you to know. The truth is, I’m really not interested in talking about him this morning. Peter, Peter, Peter. ” Minakis straightened in his chair. ” Her gaze was hard upon him.

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