Screen Hustles, Grifts and Stings by A. Sargeant

By A. Sargeant

Screen Hustles, Grifts and Stings identifies recurrent issues and strategies of the con movie, indicates precedents in literature and discusses the perennial charm of the con guy for readers and audience alike.

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2 The coda of Catch Me If You Can goes to great length to reassure the viewer, with Frankie extradicted, indicted and collaborating with his former FBI adversary in pursuit of fraudsters: other Frank Abagnales (see Chapter 1). 3 Over the course of the action, there are diligent corporate staff who catch out Frankie, who refuse to fall for the con and refuse to cash his dodgy cheques (unlike Enron’s endorsers, they smell a rat at first encounter). Frankie prefers to think of himself as the mouse (in his father’s folk tale) who has fallen into a bucket of cream and churned the cream into butter rather than drown.

8–9. ), The Confidence Man: his masquerade (New York: W. W. Norton & Company, 2006).  Lindberg, The Confidence Man, p. 41.  Melville, The Confidence Man, p. 316.  Melville, The Confidence Man, p. 336. 0004  Screen Hustles, Grifts and Stings  Mike Tyson, quoted by John le Carré in Macintyre, A Spy Among Friends, p. 287.  Allen, An African Millionaire, p. 95; see also p. 11: ‘Profession, former maker of wax figures to the Museé Grévin. Age, what he chooses. Employs his knowledge to mould his own nose and cheeks, with wax additions, to the character he desires to personate’.

Eddie has been advised, accordingly, to refuse the crew further credit – the standing tab needs must be paid. But when Mickey orders one last round, ‘for old times’ sake’, we all (including Eddie) know that this will be nothing of the sort. The ‘jiggery-pokery’ continues with Eddie complaining that he is never given a fair chance. Eddie obligingly provides the location for the poker game designed to frame Jake and delivers laxatives to a player’s coffee when called upon to do so. After all, Stacie is almost family.

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