Robinson Crusoe by Pat Rogers

By Pat Rogers

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A more recent attempt is by G. Parker, in History, Vol. X (1925), pp. 11-25, who argues that Defoe 'merely antedates every event 72 34 35 36 37 38 Robinson Crusoe in his life 29 years ' . Xury is Timothy Cruso; the canhibal feast, Sacheverell's impeachment. Sutherland, p . 233; Citi zen, p . 225; see also Hunter, pp. 120-1. Calendar of St ate Papers Dom estic Seri es 1686 / 87 (London, 1964), p. 440; P . Rogers, 'Defoe in the Fleet prison', RES, Vol. XXH- (1971), pp. 451-5. Hunter, p. 201. For ambiguities surrounding 'deliverance ', see E.

_Greif, 'The conversion of Crusoe', SEL, Vol. VI (1966), pp. 551-74. 1e4 through sincere belief in Jesus Christ' (pp. 551-2). He sets out the 'Protestant scheme of salvation', stressing two primary motives to repentance - love of God and fear of His wrath. Like Hunter, Greif detects a number of 'Christian metaphors pervasively present in homiletic literature' (p. 555), mostly concerned with the sea and storms. He identifies caves as (typologically) the home of thieves and robbers (p. 567) and sheep as symbols of sanctification (p.

19); nor by his early struggles in Brazil, where he sees himself as 'just like a Man cast away upon some desolate Island' (p. 35); nor by his later prosperity there: (Epistle II, pp. ), and is even able to identify the boy Xury as a C~nst figure 'to some degree'. 27 It is not very obvious how one can be Christ to some degree. . -. ~ok. ~e that pe _foe _sensed b intuition failings in its effects on th . at h~ cho 'to dramatise these t rou rusoe. One of the difficulties m seemg th nove as a work which 'drew attention to the ..

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