Religious Experience by T. R. Miles (auth.)

By T. R. Miles (auth.)

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How shall I stoop before the God on high? Am I to approach him with whole-offerings or yearling calves? Will the Lord accept thousands of rams or ten thousand rivers of oil? Shall I offer my eldest son for my own wrongdoing, my children for my own sin? God has told you what is good; and what is it that the Lord asks of you? Only to act justly, to love loyalty, To walk wisely before your God. 9 Here, too, the requirement 'to act justly, to love loyalty' is timeless and can be applied at the present time without strain; but the demand to people to 'walk wisely before [their] God' clearly belongs to a particular religious tradition.

Just as a person may give an account of his experiences as a teacher or of his experiences when travelling the world, so these writers have given us an account of what they experienced on the religious side. No further elaboration is needed from me; this language speaks for itself. I do not see any good reason for further delimiting the meaning of the term 'religious' or the term 'cosmic'. If this were done, it would be possible for all experiences to be unambiguously labelled 'religious' or otherwise; but very few terms other than the technical ones of mathematics and science have this kind of precision.

The man in the top flat in our fable was one 31 being among others, whereas by definition this cannot be true of a Being 'than which greater cannot be thought'. Those who argue that there must be a god in order to account for our religious experiences are failing to take seriously the view that God is not just one existent among others. I conclude, therefore, that the analogy with the man-in-thetop-flat situation breaks down as soon as we start to examine it closely. 32 5 Experiences without Dualism My purpose so far has been to try to show that we should not think of religious experience as a special means of gaining access to a 'non-material'reality.

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