Rapid Differential Diagnosis (Rapid) by Amir H. Sam

By Amir H. Sam

From belly discomfort and Bradycardia to Uveitis and White mobilephone Counts, this new pocket advisor will offer quick proof to be used in daily scientific practice.Rapid Differential analysis is the second one name within the new fast sequence and is a perfect significant other quantity to swift drugs. this convenient new e-book covers the motives for over 350 indicators, signs, and differentials for radiological, endocrine, haematological, and regimen laboratory findings and ECG adjustments. there's additionally a thematic index the place stipulations are taken care of by way of speciality to assist fast look-up.Rapid Differential analysis is authored by way of Amir H. Sam, a last yr scientific pupil from the Royal unfastened and collage university clinical university, London. Dr Huw Beynon, a expert common healthcare professional and Rheumatologist on the Royal unfastened, is the Editorial consultant for the ebook. He has been a major examiner for the MBBS and MRCP for a few years.

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G. g. g. g.

Elderly), surgical wounds, IV lines Inflammation: vasculitis Trauma: head injury, subdural haematoma Á occupying lesions Tumour: spaceU Hypertensive encephalopathy Á ictal states Epilepsy: status epilepticus, postU Dementia Alzheimer's disease Vascular: multiple infarctions [Q16], [J17] J18 28 Dementia Dementia continued Infection: HIV, syphilis, Whipple's disease Inflammation: vasculitis, SLE, sarcoid, multiple sclerosis Trauma: head injury, subdural haemarrohage Tumour: frontal tumours, posterior fossa (causing hydrocephalus), brain metastases, paraneoplastic Toxic: alcohol, lead, barbiturates Metabolic: myxoedema, vitamin B12 deficiency, hypoglycaemia (repeated) Inherited: Wilson's disease, Huntington's chorea, some cerebellar ataxias Degenerative: Parkinson's and other akinetic±rigid syndromes, Pick's disease, prion disease, Lewy body dementia Desquamating rash Toxic shock syndrome Scarlet fever Drug reaction Kawasaki's disease Diarrhoea Infection: Viral (rotavirus, astrovirus, adenovirus, small round structured virus), Camylobacter, Salmonella, Shigella, E.

G. g. g. g. Serum sickness ? g. g. g. g. g. g. g. Thrombosis: in the cavernous sinus Inflammation/infiltration of the basal meninges: TB, sarcoid, lymphoma, carcinoma, syphilis Tumour: brainstem, cavernous sinus, superior orbital fissure/orbit tumour/ granuloma Tentorial herniation (`coning') Brainstem CVA/demyelination/tumour Cavernous sinus lesions (aneurysm, tumour, thrombosis) Infective/carcinomatous meningitis Orbital tumour Nerve trunk infarction IV Head trauma V Sensory: trigeminal neuralgia, herpes zoster, nasopharyngeal carcinoma Cerebellopontine angle tumour (acoustic neuroma, meningioma) Brainstem CVA/tumour/demyelination Cavernous sinus lesions (aneurysm, tumour, thrombosis) Neoplastic infiltration of skull base Petrositis (Gradenigo's syndrome) VI Damage to the nerve's blood supply (vasa nervosum): diabetes mellitus, hypertension False localizing sign of " intracranial pressure CSF Brainstem CVA/demyelination/tumour, Wernicke±Korsakoff syndrome Cavernous sinus lesions Cerebellopontine angle tumour Infective/carcinomatous meningitis Petrositis (Gradenigo's syndrome) Orbital tumour VII See Facial nerve palsy Multiple palsies Trauma Basal meningeal infiltration: carcinoma, TB, sarcoid, lymphoma, leukaemia Brainstem lesions (CVA, tumour) Ä syndrome Guillain±BarrO Mononeuritis multiplex Arnold±Chiari malformation Paget's disease See also Bulbar/pseudobulbar palsy and Jugular foramen syndrome for lower cranial nerve lesions.

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