Rag and Bone: A Billy Boyle World War II Mystery by James R. Benn

By James R. Benn

Billy Boyle is shipped to London to enquire the homicide of a Soviet reputable. was once it random or revenge for the lately exposed mass graves of Polish officials within the Katyn woodland? Scotland backyard suspects Billy's good friend Kaz, now operating for the Polish executive in Exile. With a diplomatic difficulty looming, Billy needs to locate the killer and store his friend.From the exchange Paperback variation.

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Dr. Mullins barely got it out of his skull before a delegation from the Soviet Embassy showed up. Protested at our lack of respect for the dead comrade, and took him away. 32 caliber. ” You could make your own dumdum slug by taking a hacksaw and cutting an X on the top of the bullet. That way it would fragment on impact and cause horrible internal injuries. “The killer must have been close. Those slugs aren’t very accurate. ” “Not a soul. The idea of those stacks of bricks is to keep them close for the rebuilding.

Flack pursed his lips, giving the idea a try. “Really,” I said. ” “All right then,” Flack said. “For the sake of Allied unity, here goes. ” Flack tossed four photographs onto the desk. The first was a picture of a man lying facedown, his hands tied behind his back. It looked like the kind of string you use to wrap parcels, but lots of it. He was dressed in a military-style overcoat, and there was dark splotch on the back of his head. The second was a close-up of the head. The entrance wound from a bullet was clearly visible, a hole dead center at the back of his skull.

Red Air Force Captain Gennady Egorov. Except we have reason to believe he was actually a senior lieutenant of state security. ” “Getting a bullet in the back of the head. This may involve the Poles. See Lieutenant Kazimierz as soon as you can and find out what he knows. ” I hadn’t seen Kaz in a couple of months, since he was called back to London from his liaison duties by the Polish Government in Exile. Once I got over missing my leave and saying good-bye to Diana, I’d be glad to see him. A couple of majors were vying to impress her.

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