Quick Reference Dictionary of Eyecare Terminology by Janice K. Ledford COMT, Joseph Hoffman

By Janice K. Ledford COMT, Joseph Hoffman

;Quick Reference Dictionary of Eyecare Terminology КНИГИ ; ГУМАНИТАРНЫЕ НАУКИ Автор: Janice okay. Ledford COMT, Joseph Hoffman Название: speedy Reference Dictionary of Eyecare Terminology Издательство: Slack integrated Год: 2004 Формат: pdf Размер: 1,6 mb Язык: EnglishLooking for eyecare details in a single entire, pocket-size source? are looking to have the ability to locate phrases, innovations and the newest stipulations at a look? fast Reference Dictionary of Eyecare Terminology is the average and is now on hand in an up-to-date fourth version. obtain link:Depositfile.com zero

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Bioptics: 1. Spectacles incorporating a telescopic lens system for use by low-vision patients; 2. in refractive surgery, the combination of two procedures to correct a large refractive error (eg, LASIK and phakic lens implantation). bipolar cells: Retinal cells that bridge the light-perceiving bacillary layer and underlying nerve cells; see also retina. bitoric lens: Contact lens that has a toric front surface to correct astigmatism and a toric back surface to prevent the lens from rotating, thus keeping it oriented in the proper axis.

Cataract occurring in an elderly individual as a natural part of aging; subcapsular c. opacification of the inner surfaces of the lens capsule caused by overgrowth of epithelial cells; traumatic c. opacification of ocular tissue (especially the crystalline lens) resulting from a blow or penetrating injury to the eye, often quite rapid in onset and profound in extent. cataract extraction (CE): General term for surgical procedures to remove the opacified crystalline lens of the eye; cataract extraction is essentially another term for crystalline lens removal; all such procedures have in common an incision into the anterior chamber of the eye, but there are many variations in the size of the incision, its location, and the instrumentation and technique used to remove the lens material; the eye immediately after cataract extraction is in a state known as aphakia (ie, without a lens), and an eye in which an intraocular lens has been implanted is said to be pseudophakic (ie, “false” lens); see also cryoextraction, extracapsular cataract extraction, intracapsular cataract extraction, and phacoemulsification.

Branch retinal vein (BRV): One of the small veins in the retina that drains into the central retinal vein. branch retinal vein occlusion (BRVO): Blockage of blood flow in an area where a branch retinal vein is crossed by a branch retinal artery, resulting in retinal hemorrhage and a sudden blurring or loss of vision in part of the visual field. break-up time (BUT): Length of time from the blink of an eye until the tear film evaporates, usually measured at the slit lamp using fluorescein dye. bridge: Part of a spectacle frame front that crosses the nose and joins the two eyepieces.

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