Pratical Art: Oil Workshop by Aggy Boshoff

By Aggy Boshoff

This addition to the Workshop sequence will make it easier to use your paints to their most sensible virtue. this easy and leading edge advisor makes oil portray attainable for everybody. jam-packed with useful step by step directions, this transportable consultant promises luck.

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4 City river | 63 12 11 Mix raw sienna and burnt sienna to paint detail on the other bridges, and windows on the domed building. Add more burnt sienna to the mix and paint some stone detail on the front bridge. Mix cadmium red, yellow ocher, titanium white, and painting medium. Paint the clock hands, and scumble the mix over the bridge. Paint a mix of Prussian blue, ivory black, and titanium white with a touch of viridian green under the first bridge to emphasize its reflections.  City river The cool variations of blue have been counterbalanced by the red of the roofs and chimneys, the warm yellow of the buildings, and the stone colors of the bridges.

Use the No. 2 round brush to dab patches of light into the darker areas. Mix impasto medium with cadmium yellow to paint thicker dabs of color. 11 Mix cobalt blue and alizarin crimson with glazing medium. Use this mix to paint some shadow areas. Paint darker foliage with a mix of sap green, viridian green, and cobalt blue. Use the thick yellow mix from step 10 to add more highlights. Forest stream  This painting is underpinned by glazes that hold the larger masses of foliage together. Varied brushstrokes using drybrush, and dabs of thick and thin paint, worked over the whole scene, add interest to the surface.

An impasto medium can be added to the paint when you require much thicker paint for textural effects. Violet mixed with impasto medium on the palette becomes viscous and can be applied by brush or painting knife. Glazing medium will thin the paint and create transparency. Painting medium will thicken the paint for expressive brushstrokes. Impasto medium will bulk out the paint considerably and add texture. Paint mixed with mediums The paint samples below show how paint is altered when mixed with different mediums.

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