Practical Mysticism by Evelyn Underhill

By Evelyn Underhill

Functional Mysticism is a piece by means of Evelyn Underhill now delivered to you during this new version of the undying vintage.

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All the powers of the self, raised to their in tensest form, shall be used in it; though used perhaps in a new way. These, the three great faculties of love, thought, and will— with which you have been accustomed to make great show on the periphery of consciousness—you have, as it were, drawn inwards during the course of your inward retreat: and by your education in detachment have cured them of their tendency to fritter their powers amongst a multiplicity of objects. Now, at the very heart of personality, you are alone with them; you hold with you in that “Interior Castle, ” and undistracted for the moment by the demands of practical existence, the three great tools wherewith the soul deals with life.

The athlete must develop much the same muscles, endure much the same discipline, whatever be the game he means to play. So we will go straight to St. Teresa, and inquire of her what was the method by which she taught her daughters to gather themselves together, to capture and hold the attitude most favourable to 22 Practical Mysticism communion with the spiritual world. She tells us— and here she accords with the great tradition of the Christian contemplatives, a tradition which was evolved under the pressure of long experience— that the process is a gradual one.

Gather yourself up, as the exercises of recollection have taught you to do. Then—with attention no longer frittered amongst the petty accidents and interests of your personal life, but poised, tense, ready for the work you shall demand of it— stretch out by a distinct act of loving will towards one of the myriad manifestations of life that surround you: and which, in an ordinary 43 Practical Mysticism way, you hardly notice unless you happen to need them. Pour yourself out towards it, do not draw its image towards you.

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