Polysaccharides II by Antje Potthast, Thomas Rosenau, Paul Kosma (auth.), Dieter

By Antje Potthast, Thomas Rosenau, Paul Kosma (auth.), Dieter Klemm (eds.)

This publication has the top effect issue of all courses ranked through ISI inside Polymer technology. It includes brief and concise experiences on physics and chemistry of polymers, each one written via the area well known specialists. The booklet remains to be legitimate and important after five or 10 years. The digital model is out there for free for status order shoppers at: springer.com/series/12/

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Dissolution of cellulose and further processing of the spinning dope is thus carried out at temperatures of about 100 ◦ C. As NMMO is a relatively strong oxidant, which is also frequently used as oxidizing agent in organic synthesis [166], it exerts pronounced oxidative stress on the dissolved pulp material, which is additionally intensified by the elevated process temperatures. , decreased fiber properties, discoloration of the resulting fibers, thermal instabilities of the dope and even explosions and uncontrolled degradation reactions, sometimes called “exothermic events” [167].

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