Politicizing Magic: An Anthology of Russian and Soviet Fairy by Marina Balina, Helena Goscilo, Mark Lipovetsky

By Marina Balina, Helena Goscilo, Mark Lipovetsky

A compendium of folkloric, literary, and significant texts that exhibit how the Russian fairy story got political and ancient meanings throughout the Soviet eraWe have been born to make fairy stories come real. As one among Stalinism's extra memorable slogans, this one means that the fairy story figured in Soviet tradition as excess of a class of kid's literature. How a lot more-and how cannily Russian fairy stories replicate and interpret Soviet tradition, in particular in its utopian ambitions-becomes transparent for the 1st time in Politicizing Magic, a compendium of folkloric, literary, and significant texts that show the measure to which historic fairy-tale fantasies got political and old meanings throughout the catastrophic 20th century. Introducing Western readers to the main consultant texts of Russian folkloric and literary stories, this e-book files a wealthy exploration of this colourful style via all sessions of Soviet literary creation (1920-1985) by way of authors with various political and aesthetic allegiances. listed below are conventional Russian folkloric stories and adjustments of those stories that, adopting the didacticism of Soviet ideology, proved major for the legitimate discourse of Socialist Realism. right here, too, are narratives produced in the course of the comparable period that use the fairy-tale paradigm as a deconstructive equipment geared toward the very underpinnings of the Soviet process. The editors' introductory essays acquaint readers with the fairy-tale paradigm and the variations it underwent in the utopian dream of Soviet tradition, deftly putting each-from conventional folklore to fairy stories of Socialist Realism, to real-life occasions recast as fairy stories for ironic effect-in its literary, historic, and political context.

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Suddenly a horseman galloped past her. He was white, dressed in white, his horse was white, and its harness was white; the sun began to rise. Vasilisa walked all night and all day, and only toward the following evening did she come to the clearing on which stood Baba Yaga’s hut. The fence around the hut was of human bones, and there were human skulls, with eyes, impaled on the fence. At the entrance there were human legs instead of doorposts, hands instead of bolts, and a mouth with sharp teeth instead of a lock.

The mice ran out and said, “Why are you crying, beautiful maiden? ” She gave them some kasha, and they again told her what to do and how. Once again Baba Yaga returned and praised her and gave her some more beautiful outfits . . Meanwhile the stepmother sent her husband to find out whether his daughter was still alive. The peasant set off. He came and saw that his daughter had become rich, very rich. Yaga wasn’t home, and he took his daughter with him. As they approached their village, their dog barked, “Woof, woof, woof !

And she gave him a silver ring as a gift. The fine youth thanked the maiden for her hospitality, said goodbye, and set off. He walked and walked until he reached the silver kingdom. He entered and saw a maiden sitting there more beautiful than the first one. ” She answered, “Welcome, unknown youth! ” said Ivashko. ” And the maiden set all sorts of food and drink on the table, and Ivan ate and drank as much as he wanted, 29 folkloric fairy tales then told her that he’d set off in search of a bride, and he asked her to marry him.

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