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Prince Siddhartha: The Story of Buddha

This can be the tale of Prince Siddhartha and the way he grew to become Buddha, the woke up One. attractive full-color illustrations depict every one significant lifestyles occasion within the Buddha's existence, awakening, and instructing. His message of nonviolence, loving-kindness, and unselfishness is movingly and obviously informed in a fashion that kids and their mom and dad can relate to and produce to existence in themselves.

Ruby Wizardry: An Introduction to Programming for Kids

The Ruby programming language is ideal for novices: effortless to benefit, strong, and enjoyable to exploit! yet wouldn't it's extra enjoyable in the event you have been studying with the aid of a few wizards and dragons?

Ruby Wizardry is a playful, illustrated story that would train you ways to application in Ruby via taking you on a fantastical trip. As you keep on with the adventures of younger heroes Ruben and Scarlet, you'll research genuine programming abilities, like how to:

Use basic ideas like variables, symbols, arrays, and strings
paintings with Ruby hashes to create a programmable breakfast menu
keep an eye on application movement with loops and conditionals to assist the Royal Plumber
attempt your wild and loopy rules in IRB and retailer your courses as scripts
Create a category of mini-wizards, each one with their very own superpower!
manage and reuse your code with equipment and lists
Write your personal notable interactive tales utilizing Ruby

Along the way in which, you'll meet colourful characters from round the country, just like the hacker Queen, the Off-White Knight, and Wherefore the minstrel. Ruby Wizardry can have you (or your little wizard) addicted to programming in no time.

For a long time 10+ (and their mom and dad! )

Superman Returns - I Am Superman!

The fantastic great hero is again to fly into the hearts and houses of kids. This crime-fighter is dedicated to fighting the main strong and deadly enemies. Superman soars over city fighting evil villains in those interesting and exciting 8x8 storybooks full of experience and nice illustrations.

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In the 1960s in North America, musicians such as Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, and Joan Baez performed folk music accompanied by guitars. Today this type of “folk” and “folk-rock” music remains very popular. And through it the Western folk tradition continues to excite and inspire new generations. LEARN MORE! READ THESE ARTICLES… FOLK ARTS AND CRAFTS (VOLUME 3) • LADYSMITH BLACK MAMBAZO (VOLUME 3) MYTHS AND LEGENDS, FOLKTALES AND FABLES (VOLUME 5) Folk music is passed from generation to generation at family gatherings like this one and other social occasions.

The Fill in the blank: bully he fought—with his words, not his fists—was the Nigerian Soyinka was military government. Even when the government put him into imprisoned for prison, he continued to write his stories, novels, essays, poetry, disagreeing with and plays. the Nigerian _____________. Soyinka was born in 1934 in Nigeria. His full name is Akinwande Oluwole Soyinka. His large family is of Yoruba heritage. And having a big family, he got to listen to lots of stories—about battles, religion, legends, and family.

LEARN MORE! READ THESE ARTICLES… BUDDHISM (VOLUME 5) • HIROSHIGE (VOLUME 3) JAPAN: MODERN NATION OF ANCIENT TRADITIONS (VOLUME 7) 52 BASHO DID YOU K RCH LI T GH SE A NOW? One term oft en used to d escribe Basho’s poet ry is sabi. T h e word refers to the love of the o ld faded, and th , the e little-notice d. ★ Basho’s pen name came from his a) cottage. b) village. c) lord. Answer: a) cottage. DID YOU KNOW? Uruguayan President Jorge Batlle (left) and Argentine Chancellor Adalberto Rodríguez Giavariani admire a portrait of Jorge Luis Borges painted by Jorge Demirjian.

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