Phases of Interpretation by Mara Frascarelli

By Mara Frascarelli

This e-book investigates the idea that of section, aiming at a structural definition of the 3 domain names which are assumed because the syntactic loci for interface interpretation, particularly vice chairman, CP and DP. particularly, 3 simple concerns are addressed, that signify significant questions of syntactic learn in the Minimalist application within the final decade. How is the set of minimally precious syntactic operations to be characterized (including questions on the precise nature of reproduction and merge, the prestige of remnant circulate, the position of head stream within the grammar), how is the set of minimally useful practical heads to be characterized that ensure the built-up and the translation of syntactic items and the way do those syntactic operations and gadgets engage with ideas and standards which are proposal to carry on the interfaces. the concept that of part has additionally implications for the examine at the practical makeup of syntactic items, implying that practical projections not just observe in a (universally given) hierarchy yet break up up in a variety of levels relating the pinnacle they're on the topic of. This quantity offers significant contributions to this ongoing dialogue, investigating those matters in quite a few languages (Berber, Dutch, English, German, sleek Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Norwegian and West Flemish) and mixing the research of empirical information with the theoretical insights of the final years.

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At any rate, this observation does not make the argument go away because there still is a quite appreciable contrast between (23a) and (23b). (23) a. Nick has made what one may call significant headway b. *Nick has achieved what one may call significant headway 30 Henk van Riemsdijk Grosu is justified in observing that some of my arguments are difficult to evaluate because I did not fully elaborate the theoretical framework in which the concept of graft could be formalized. This deficit on my part is now, at least partly, remedied by the interpretation of grafts as internal/external remerges as illustrated in (21) and by the works of Guimarães (2004) and De Vries (2004, 2005).

What seems/*seem to be a meteorite was/*were lying there In (11b) the situation is precisely the reverse. The plural agreement appears to be dictated by the predicate nominal, not by what, as (11c) confirms. Elements inside a (free) relative clause resist extraction, that is, they are subject to the Complex Noun Phrase Constraint. But if the predicate nominal is a shared element, it is also part of the matrix clause and should therefore allow extraction from it. This is precisely what we find. (12) a.

I do note in passing one potential problem. HAs do not extrapose the way TFRs do. Given what I say about extraposition of TFRs above, this is somewhat unexpected. I believe the answer must be that HAs have the structure of root clauses: verb second order, no complementizer, etc. But I am not, at this point, prepared to present a more formal account of this fact. 27. ) points out an interesting asymmetry between TFRs and HAs. He observes that HAs cannot modify (be grafted onto) subjects; (i) a. *I think it is Chicago is a large city.

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